Welcome to Environmental Biology

    Environmental biology includes the scientific study of how living things interact with their environment.  Included in this class are the basics of biology (the study of living things and their essential processes) as well as environmental issues like watersheds, wetlands, and aquatic ecosystems, agriculture and land use, sustainability, pest management, pollution control, waste management, and environmental health issues.  This class is designed to teach you to think and do science within the context of biology and environmental issues.
    This is a community science, project-oriented class.  While there will be some lecture, the majority of the classwork is small group and individual projects.  Homework is generally limited to completion of work started in class.  We work closely with the civics class to complete service learning projects related to the class and with Language Arts to increase liuteracy in the science class.  In addition, most of the projects will be tailored to make them specific to your program area.
    Success is simple - show up for class, do the work.
    Over the course of the year, you will be studying:
    Marking Period 1 
    Unifying Themes of Science
    Nature of Science
    Characteristics of Living Things
    Organization of Living Things
    Energy Flow in Living Things
    Independent Projects
    Class Projects 
    Marking Period 2
    Material Transport and Homeostasis in Living Things
    Change in Living Things 
    Water and Living Things
    Importance of Agriculture
    Applying Science and Technology to Agriculture
    Independent Projects
    Class Projects
    Marking Period 3
    Integrated Pest Management
    Waste Management
    Human Health Issues
    Independent Projects
    Class Projects
    Marking Period 4 
    Aquatic Ecosystems
    Independent Projects
    Class Projects