Students enrolled in the Automotive Technology Program are prepared to apply technical knowledge and skills to engage in the servicing and maintenance of all types of automobiles and light trucks.  This Program includes instruction in the diagnosis and testing, including computer analysis, of malfunctions in and repair of engines, fuel, electrical, cooling and brake systems and drive train and suspension systems.  Instruction is also given in the adjustment and repair of individual components and systems such as cooling systems, drive trains, fuel system components and air conditioning and includes the use of technical repair information and the state inspection procedures. The Program consists of a list of PDE required tasks and additional local or value added tasks.


    This Program is certified by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) and is designed for students who would like to work in the automotive service industry.  Automotive technicians need knowledge of electronics, emission control, electricity, mechanics, and hydraulics.


    The need for skilled technicians is rapidly increasing.  Expanded use of electronics, new government requirements on safety and pollution control, and more extensive warranties on new vehicles require the work of highly skilled technicians and diagnosticians.



    Specialized Equipment:


    Related Occupations / Employment


    Personal Qualifications:


    Computer-based Service

       Information Database

    Engine Analyzers

    Lab Scopes

    Scan Tools

    Road Force Balancer


    Precision Measuring


    Pressure Gauges

    Digital Image – Alignment


    On Vehicle Brake Lathe

    Hunter Tire Changer Machine

    Automotive Service Technician

       and Mechanic

    Automotive Specialty Technician

    Administrative Service Manager

    Trouble Shooting Skills

    Mechanical Aptitude

    Ability to Work

       Independently and in

       a Team

    Analytical Skills



    Electronic Equipment Installers and Repairers, Motor Vehicles

    Automotive Service Technicians & Mechanics 


    Certifications available to qualified students: 
     Industry Certification   Provider Name 
     Certified Safety Inspector, Cat I  Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
     S/P2  S/P2
     Section 609 Certification for Refrigerant Recycling and Recovery  Mobile Air Conditioning Society Worldwide
     ASE  Automotive Service Excellence
     Battery Starting and Charging System  AC Delco
     Electrical State 1 & 2  AC Delco
     AYES Certificate  Automotive Youth Educational System
     Motor Oil Certification  Valvoline