Graphic Communications is an instructional program that generally prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to plan, prepare and execute commercial and industrial visual image and print products using mechanical, electronic and digital graphic and printing equipment.  Students learn desktop publishing, layout, composition, presswork and bindery as well as photography, and several graphic arts techniques.  Emphasis is on typographical layout and design using computer graphics, photo typesetting, platemaking, offset preparation and operation, paper cutting, ink and color preparation and dynamics and airbrush and screen printing production.


    Concentration in the area of graphic arts will permit the student to work in computer design, digital prepress, press work, Sign making/vehicle graphics, screen printing, sandblasting, and more.  In addition, the student will be instructed in various finishing operations. The Program consists of a list of PDE required tasks and additional local or value added tasks.


    Specialized Equipment:

    Related Occupations /Employment Opportunities:

    Personal Qualifications:

    ProPrint Offset/duplicator printers

    ABdick Offset/duplicator printers

    Sharp Digital Off-set Press

    Xante Illumina Digital Off-set Press

    Xante Plate Maker 5 

    Epson 44"Large Format Color Plotter

    Morgan Folding, Scoring, Perforating Machine

    GBC 44" Hot Laminator & Mounting Machine

    Saddle stitch Machine

    Multi-die Book Binding Machine

    Vinyl Graphic Cutter

    Digicut  205 Hydraulic Paper Cutter

    Hydraulic 3-Hole Punch Machine

    4-Color Screen Printing Press

    Brother 10-spool/color Embroidery Machine

    Imprintor Pad printing machine

    Heat Press Transfer Machine

    Xcaliber Board Trimmer

    40" Rotary Trimmer

    Air Brush Equipment

    Padding Equipment

    Bates Numbering System

    Hot Foil Stamping Machine

    Exposure Unit

    Light Table

    Camera Nikon


    Scanner-Connected to IMAC

    Drawing Pad Connected to IMAC


    Graphic Designer

    Desktop Publisher

    Commercial Printing Plants

    Magazine Publishers

    Advertising Agencies


    Sign Company/Vinyl Applications

    Screen Printer/Embroidery

    Finishing/Production Worker

    Off-Set Press Operator

    Art Director

    Project Management

    Specialty Shops

    Artistic Ability/Creativity

    Communication Skills

    Creative Drive with a Vision

    Goal Oriented


    Enjoys Hands-on Work

    Problem solving

    Troubleshooting Skills

    Professional Mannerism

    Works Well in Groups

    Cognitive Skills

    Highly Motivated Self-Starters

    Business Skills


    Commercial & Industrial Designers

    Graphic Designers

    Desktop Publishers

    Screen Printing / Embriodery
    Prepress / Finishing and Binding 

    Printing Press Operators

    Etchers and Engravers 


     Certification available to qualified students:

    Industry Certification

    Provider Name

    OSHA Certification