• Civics

    Dear Parents/Guardian,


    In today's world of technology, rapid economic change, and complex social issues, there has never been a more urgent need for Civics & Economics education. It is necessary that all students understand themselves and the world in which they live and are prepared to become active citizens in local, state, national, and global communities and economies. 


    The following is the syllabus for the upcoming 2021-22 school year for your ninth grade student.  It outlines program goals and expectations.  If you have any questions now, or during the school year, please do not hesitate to contact me.  All information to include classwork, homework, and projects will be posted in Schoology. I look forward to an exciting school year with your child!

    Program Goals:

    • Have students utilize current events to relate Civics Education to their world 
    • Prepare students for future Social Studies classes, career and technical classes, Keystone Exams, and life
    • Review and update Basic Social Studies knowledge, while increasing organizational skills, class preparation, public speaking, and self-directed learning skills
    • Improve Reading comprehension
    • Improve Writing skills
    • Provide all students with the skills and understandings to make them thoughtful decision-makers and effective, caring participants in a global society
    • Learn to effectively utilize google chrome books and apps



    • Citizenship & Government (Federal, State, and Local)
    • Constitution
    • Civic Responsibilities (Community Service and Voting)
    • Introduction to Economics
    • Personal Finance
    • Textbook: Building Citizenship:  Civics and Economics


    Class Work & Assignments:

    • Most assignments will be completed in Schoology. 
    • In-class projects or activities may require work at home.


    Extended Assignments:

    • Longer assignments may require a parent sign-off sheet.
    • Assignments may be graded using a rubric.
    • Long-term projects and assignments will not be accepted late. 
    • Students are required to attend a local government meeting (School, Township, Borough, County) and complete 20 hours of COMMUNITY SERVICE.
      • Your student will receive an information packet on this Civic Responsibility Project in the first weeks of the school year.



    • Daily guided and independent practice
    • Projects and presentations


    Classroom Management:

    • Students will follow all MCTI rules outlined in the MCTI Student Handbook and classroom rules.  Students are expected to be prepared for class everyday, with assignments submitted in Schoology, and pen or pencil.



    Expect progress reports and emails (for both good and bad).


    If you have any questions or concerns please contact me via email at ryarnall@monroecti.org.  For urgent matters, you can call MCTI 570-629-2001 between 2:15 pm and 2:55 pm.


    Required Student Supplies:

    Folder, Pen or pencil



    Students will be issued a chromebook for use during their academic classes.  Most assignments will be completed using Schoology, Google Apps, Docs, Forms, Presentations, and discussion boards.  The students will all have a school Gmail account that will allow them to share assignments with the teacher and work collaboratively with fellow students on projects.  By utilizing these resources, students will have access to their work from any internet-accessible device.