• The word Aevidum means “I’ve got your back.” Aevidum is a non-profit organization that empowers youth to shatter the silence surrounding depression, suicide, and other issues facing teens. Aevidum inspires schools and communities to adopt cultures of care and support.  
    • Aevidum Heroes - acknowledges students and staff who are committed to living the qualities of a healthy school community: acceptance, appreciation, acknowledgement, and care
    • Monthly Initiatives - Aevidum members organize at least one initiative each month which ranges from recognizing students/staff/community members by making gifts for them, creating bulletin boards or handouts to spread awareness about issues facing teens, raising money for a charity or research foundation, and other projects to show appreciation and kindness to others
    • Monthly Meetings - Students and staff have the opportunity to learn more about mental health topics in order to reduce stigma and encourage appropriate interventions. Students also use these meetings to connect with and support each other. 


    Email Mrs. Rose to become a member -