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    The mission of the Monroe County Career & Technical Institute (MCTI) is “to provide high quality career and technical training and education for the students of our community.”  We provide this training and education through a set of courses that we believe prepares students both academically and technically for a career or to pursue postsecondary education.


    MCTI offers students 19 Program of Study (POS) and 5 Tech Prep Programs.  These Programs are career and technical Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) approved programs that articulate the secondary career and technical education to a postsecondary degree, diploma, or certificate programs.  These 24 Programs align the secondary courses to a postsecondary program to complete a degree or certificate.


    Under each Program section, detailed information will be provided about the Program.  After you have read about a specific Program and have any questions, please contact

    Dennis Virga
    Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction
    Monroe Career and Technical Institute
    194 Laurel Lake Drive
    Bartonsville, PA  18321
    570-629-2001, Ext. 1108


    Additional information about career and technical education may be found at the website for the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Bureau of Career and Technical Education.


    Pennsylvania Department of Education – Bureau of Career and Technical Education

    333 Market Street I Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333

    Phone: 717.783.6672   www.education.state.pa.us