• Student Services

    The school counselors at MCTI assist with academic achievement and personal/social growth. Students have been assigned a school counselor according to the student's sending school district. The career/transition counselor assists with planning career paths, whether that means preparing for employment or post-secondary education. SSF's ensure special education needs are met for each identified student. 

    Supervisor of Student Services:
    Amy Thomas
    570-629-2001 x1107
    School Counselor (East Stroudsburg/Pleasant Valley):
    Lorelle Battle
    570-629-2001 x1154
    School Counselor (Pocono Mountain/Stroudsburg):
    Kevin Mullen
    570-629-2001 x1155
    Career and Transition Counselor:
    Jillian Stuettgen
    570-629-2001 x1156
    Support Services Facilitator (Pleasant Valley):
    Jaclyn McHale
    570-629-2001 x2771
    Support Services Facilitator (Pocono Mountain):
    Barbara Speako
    570-629-2001 x2244
    Support Services Facilitator (East Stroudsburg):
    Robert Dydynski
    570-629-2001 x2772
    Support Services Facilitator (Stroudsburg):
    Lisa Rose
    570-629-2001 x2756