• Frequently Asked Questions


    1. Is MCTI offering an online curriculum?

    Yes, the online curriculum was rolled out on Monday, March 30th. Instructors have been in contact with their students to assist in getting started. Please contact us at covid19@monroecti.org for assistance.


    1. How do the students access their student email?

    Go to www.google.com, select “Sign In” in the top right.  The students will use login using their username@students.monroecti.org and their MCTI password. Please contact us at covid19@monroecti.org for assistance.

    Also, MCTI has been working with districts to ensure that you are able to login to district issued chromebooks with your MCTI login.  At the login screen on your chromebook, enter your full MCTI (students.monroecti.org) email address and password.  It may not appear to work at first, but your district login will disappear and allow you to login with your MCTI account.


    1. If I need a chromebook/computer, who do I contact?

    Please contact your sending school. If you are having trouble please contact us at covid19@monroecti.org for assistance.


    1. What happens if I need a non-digital curriculum?

    Please contact MCTI at covid19@monroecti.org. An administrator will arrange pickup for non-digital curriculum.  We do however, strongly encourage our online platform if possible.


    1. Can I pickup my tools or other items at the school?

    Right now MCTI is not allowing anyone into the building due to safety and health reasons. Once, we receive guidance to do so we will schedule a date and time for pickup.


    1. What happens to Seniors who cannot take NOCTI?

    NOCTI was waived by PDE, so students will not be impacted by not taking NOCTI. 



    1. Will MCTI be holding Senior Awards?

    MCTI will not be holding senior awards, however we are working on a plan to make sure our seniors are recognized for all their hard work and accomplishments. 


    1. How do I contact the school?

    Right now, MCTI is operating with minimal staff at the building. The covid19@monroecti.org email is the best way to contact us. If you call and leave a message, the voicemail will be forwarded to this email as well.