• Literacy Coach
    Improving Teaching and Learning in Secondary Schools
    Coaches assist teachers in overcoming problems that arise in the process of choosing appropriate teaching strategies and combining literacy instruction with content area curriculum requirements, helping them work through ways to meet objectives in a manner consistent with their own teaching styles and the school context.  They also may work closely with new teachers and administrators, helping them to understand the schools literacy program and their role in it.

    Focus Topics


    • Writing
      • Note taking
      • Letter writing (thank you, complaint, request, compliment)
      • Essays (three and five paragraph)
      • Proposal for work
      • Job sheets
      • Directions
      • Project reflection


    ·        Reading and Writing

    o   Article review (summarizing)

    o   Professional magazine/online source review

    Resources: Trade journals, magazines, and newspapers


    • Research (locating and organizing information)
      • Career research paper
      • MLA citations


    ·        Communication Skills

    o   Verbal and non-verbal

    o   Interviewing

    o   Presentations