• ELA 9


    INSTRUCTOR: Mrs. Kessler





    Class Overview


    The central purpose of this course is to extend students’ growth in all communication arts by building upon prior knowledge gained throughout the K-8 English curriculum. English 9 includes a survey of literature and an intense focus on writing in preparation for entry-level workplace documentation. Our readings focus on bildungsroman (coming-of-age) stories, with particular emphasis on The Hero’s Journey.

    Students will complete various standards-based assessments, including research-based writings and presentations. Reading comprehension, vocabulary development, oral communication, listening, discussing, understanding media, and utilization of technological skills are applied to help students enhance their language arts competency in an effort to become lifelong learners adept with creative and critical thinking abilities.

    Required Materials


     Students will need the following:


    • Computer with internet access
      • All reading materials will be provided by the teacher, with links to full-text PDF and audio versions located on Schoology.


    Unless otherwise stated, homework consists of any class work not completed during ELA. Students are responsible for missed readings – please encourage your student to check our Schoology website daily, as all assignments are posted in our classroom. Parents may request the Schoology access code for their students.


    Major Assignments


    Students will complete an MLA formatted research paper, based on their course of study at M.C.T.I. including the production of a brochure based on their findings. During the course of their research, students are required to interview someone in their chosen profession (this interview may be conducted via email or telephone, and fulfills the one hour job shadowing requirement).

     Resubmission Policy/Late or Missing Work


    Students must request the opportunity to resubmit work on major assignments/assessments which receive a 65% or lower.

    Students will have the opportunity to earn partial credit for late standards-based assignments, projects, and assessments.


    Academic Calendar*


    *Please note that all dates are subject to change based on inclement weather/school closures!






    Due Dates

    Introduction/Note Taking Skills/Short Speeches

    1. Short Story Prompts
    2. “Run Trevor, Run” Notes Assignment
    3. Entertaining and Informative Speeches


    The Hero’s Journey/”The Odyssey” by Homer

    1. Hero’s Journey Activities
    2. My Superhero Story
    3. Odyssey Study Guide
    4. Odyssey Book Quizzes (3)
    5. Odyssey Final - Is Odysseus a hero?


    “A Knight’s Tale” by Geoffrey Chaucer

    1. Andreas Capellanus Reading
    2. Poetic Conventions and Vocabulary Quiz


    William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

    1. Globe Theater Research Project
    2. Midsummer Act Quizzes (3)
    3. Midsummer Final - Recreate your favorite act!


    Career Research Paper (MLA Formatting)

    1. Job Shadow Interviews
    2. Research
    3. Rough Draft
    4. Editing
    5. Final Draft


    To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

    1. Chapter Study Guides (5)
    2. Chapter Quizzes (4)




    3. Final Exam/Timed Essay


    MCTI Who Done It?

    1. Problem-solving Interactive





    Students, upon completion of the above readings, will have the opportunity to view any related multimedia content, including graphic novels and movies. All supplementary materials are provided by the teacher.

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