• Instructor:     Mr. Martin Wilson                        Subject (s): Algebra 1, Algebra 1A & Geometry



    Grading Policy

    Your final grade is and average of your quarterly grade which consists of tests, quizzes, homework, class-work, and projects that are assigned a point value.


    • Test Scores
    • Quiz Scores
    • Class Work
    • Homework

    Class Work Grade

    Projects Keystone Prep Note Book


    Marking Period Grade: Knowledge = 100%



    • Full Period: 3 to 4 per quarter. Covers a chapter or section. (100 points each).
    • Show intermediate work to get full credit. .
    • Absolutely NO Talking During the Test. If you finish early, remain quiet, and work on the assignment posted on the board or handed out to you.


    • Generally, short (15-20 minutes) / 3-5 per quarter. (50 points each)



    Throughout the year there will be projects/research papers. The use of a computer is encouraged.



    • Homework assignments will be given three to four times per week.
    • Grades will range from 0 to 5.
    • 5 indicate that you attempted all problems (work shown) and got 95% or more correct.
    • 0 indicates you did not do your assignment or did not make it up,
    • Homework may be turned in one day late at reduced credit.
    • Repeated failure to complete homework on time may result in a referral to the office.


    Class work

    • Class assignments must be completed in class.
    • Keystone/Study Hall
    • Students “attention and response to questions” will receive credit.


    Required Materials

    • Math Notebook or A section of a three ring binder labeled Math
    • Pens/Pencils/Erasers
    • A folder with pockets to keep tests, assignments and handouts.
    • All materials should be neat and dated in a chronological order.
    • Math Text Book (Is Online)
    • A Scientific Calculator TI30X II or a Graphing Calculator: TI-83 or TI84


    Online Supplementary. USA Test Prep


    **Used For Keystone Prep and Extra Math Assignments.


    Make-up Work

    • You are expected to make up any missed work.
    • Generally, you will be given up to three days to make up that assignment.
    • Incomplete work, for any reason, will count as a 0.
    • Quizzes and tests may be made up, before or after your regularly scheduled class.


    General Classroom Rules/Behavior

    You are expected to bring the “Required Materials” to class every day:

    • You are expected to sit in your assigned seat when the bell rings.
    • We will all be respectful of each other.
    • No one talks while I am speaking or interrupts while other students are speaking.
    • There will be no getting out of your seat or speaking without permission.
    • If you want to speak or get out of your seat, raise your hand and wait to be recognized.
    • You are expected to use the bathroom before coming to class. In the case of an emergency, there will be a sign-out/sign-in sheet at the back of the classroom.
    • ***No eating or drinking in the classroom.
    • Cell Phones/electronic devices are to be out of sight unless permitted by the teacher


    Virtual Classroom

      • Students should attend virtual classroom as they would in a regular classroom
      • Dress code must be appropriate
      • Please mute microphones at the start of class.


    Incentives for following these expectations

    • Extra credits.
    • Telephone call/note to parents/guardians.
    • You will experience self confidence and personal growth.



    • Verbal Warning
    • Teacher initiated modification. (Includes seat changes, loss of daily grade points. etc.)
    • Parent notification or conference.
    • Referral to the Office.




    MCTI Webpage at: www.monroecti.org

    Email at: mwilson@mnroecti.org

    Phone: 570-629-2001 ext. 2765


    Algebra 1 A Course Outline


    1. Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities


    2. Graphing Linear Functions


    3. Writing Linear Functions


    4. Solving System of Linear Equations


    5. Exponents


    6. Quadratic Equations and Factoring


    7. Radical Functions and Equations**


    8. Data Analysis and Displays**






    Algebra 1 Course Outline


    1. Solving Linear Equations


    2. Solving Linear Inequalities


    3. Graphing Linear Functions


    4. Writing Linear Functions


    5. Solving System of Linear Equations


    6. Exponential Functions and Sequences


    7. Polynomial Equations and Factoring


    8. Graphing Quadratic Functions


    9. Solving Quadratic Equations


    10. Radical Functions and Equations


    11. Data Analysis and Displays






    Geometry Course Outline


    1. Skills Review and Basics of Geometry


    2. Reasoning and Proofs


    3. Parallel and Perpendicular Lines


    4. Transformations


    5. Congruent Triangles


    6. Relationship within triangles


    7. Quadrilateral and Other Polygons


    8. Similarity


    9. Right Triangles and Trigonometry


    10. Circles


    11. Circumference, Area and Volume