• Environmental Biology

    Email:  rruschman@monroecti.org

    Website Address:  https://sites.google.com/monroecti.org/afootandafloat/welcome-to-environmental-biology

    Google Classroom Code:  ryhqc67


    5 Things You Need to Know (you can find links on my website)


    1. Before you can do anything else in the MCTI network, you need to complete the Acceptable Use Policy
    2. I use Google Classroom.... here is the code:  ryhqc67 - Note: You won't be able to join until you have your MCTI email and password
    3. If you haven't seen it, watch the Fall 2021 Student Orientation Video
    4. Parents and Students both have access to student grades and attendance through our portal system.
    5. Most importantly, I look forward to seeing everyone soon!!  If you need anything, please reach out at rruschman@monroecti.org


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