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      ncc assistant director brandon kwiatek automotive training centers of america fortis institute johnson college johnson & wales university lincoln technical institute luzerne county community college northampton community college (fafsa workshop at mcti) paul smith's college pennsylvania college of technology penn state university- worthington campus rochester institute of technology the art institute triangle technology universal technical institute university of northwestern ohio u.s. military wyotech    


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    Police Operations Chapter 2 Study Guide


    v  Terry vs. Ohio is case law that gives you the right to stop and question people.

    v  Communication through the grapevine can both help and hurt a department but can primarily help a department, handout information quickly and be used to assess how the department is thinking

    v  Information that flows horizontally within the department is among your peers and moves laterally.

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      diesel technology course description ed chipalowsky 570-629-2001 ex. 2600 echipalowsky@monroecti.org   when trucks and equipment break down, freight does not move and services are hindered.   the ability to make a quick and accurate diagnosis is one of the technician’s valuable skills.   it requires good reasoning ability and thorough knowledge of trucks.      specialized natef certified classroom and lab experiences are designed to provide instruction in all systems and components of the truck.   students must have above average reading comprehension, and math abilities.   good mechanical aptitude will help the student succeed.      safety during repair and maintenance procedures will be stressed.   the student will be required to identify major components, parts and functions of systems related to the vehicle.   they will receive instruction on proper equipment use during repair procedures, and how and when to perform basic maintenance procedures.    students are taught to use service and technical manuals and are also prepared  to obtain pennsylvania state inspection certification.     general skills                                                  mack engine annimation mechanical aptitude ability to work independently ability to work as a team communication skills problem solving/troubleshooting skills ability to work under pressure analytical skills patience endurance   physical requirements manual dexterity physical stamina/strength good depth and color perception good hand-eye coordination heavy lifting walking carrying pushing pulling   employment conditions outdoors – extreme cold/extreme heat noise dust fumes awkward, cramped pos