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    recent 2nd amendment news www.mcall.com/news/breaking/mc-obama-gun-policies-1219-20121219,0,5784316.story mcall.com biden to head gun policy push after newtown shootings 9:23 am est, december 19, 2012 advertisement washington, dec 19 (reuters) - vice president joe biden will lead an effort to craft policies to reduce gun violence in a plan president barack obama was to lay out wednesday amid calls for action after the massacre of 26 people including 20 children in a connecticut elementary school. obama was not expected to unveil policy decisions but outline how his administration will proceed, white house aides said. the move could signal that he will make the issue a second-term priority and add momentum to a national debate over tighter gun control laws. obama has turned to biden in the past to take a role in high-profile initiatives, including efforts on a deficit-reduction compromise with congressional republicans in 2011. the vice president will join obama for the announcement in the white house briefing room at 11:45 a.m est (1645 gmt). biden's mission - to coordinate a strategy among government agencies in the wake of the newtown, connecticut shootings - comes days after the mass murder that has generated a national outcry for greater efforts to stem gun violence. friday's massacre was the fourth shooting rampage to claim multiple lives in the united states this year. the president demanded changes to the way the united states deals with gun violence at a memorial service in newtown on sunday. obama said he would "use whatever power this office" holds to prevent such tragedies in the future. gun control has been a low priority for most u.s. politicians due to the widespread popularity of guns in america and the clout of the national rifle association, the powerful gun industry lobby. the constitutional right to bear arms is seen by many americans as set in stone, and even after mass shootings, politicians have tiptoe


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    what do power equipment technicians do? what are the working conditions? how much can i earn? what will i work on? when a piece of equipment breaks down, mechanics use various techniques to diagnose the source and extent of the problem. the mark of a skilled mechanic is the ability to diagnose mechanical, fuel, and electrical problems and to make repairs quickly. quick and accurate diagnosis requires problem-solving ability and a thorough knowledge of the equipment's operation. some jobs require minor adjustments or the replacement of a single item, but a complete engine overhaul could require hours to disassemble the engine and replace worn valves, pistons, bearings, and other internal parts. some highly skilled mechanics use specialized components and the latest computerized equipment to customize and tune motorcycles and motorboats for racing. hand tools are the most important work-related possessions of mechanics. small engine mechanics use wrenches, pliers, and screwdrivers on a regular basis. mechanics usually provide their own tools, although employers will furnish expensive power tools, computerized engine analyzers, and other diagnostic equipment. computerized engine analyzers, compression gauges, ammeters and voltmeters, and other testing devices help mechanics locate faulty parts and tune engines. this equipment provides a systematic performance report of various components to compare against normal ratings. after pinpointing the problem, the mechanic makes the needed adjustments, repairs, or replacements. small engines also require periodic service to minimize the chance of breakdowns and to keep them operating at peak performance. during routine maintenance, mechanics follow a checklist that includes the inspection and cleaning of brakes, electrical systems, fuel injection systems, plugs, carburetors, and other parts. following inspection, mechanics usually repair or adjust parts that do not work properly or replace unfixable parts. motor


  • Unites States Marine returns Private First Class Brett Heritage, Class of 2012 returns to visit the Welding Technology Program

    United States Marine returns


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    ATB- Name a territory that the United States gained from the Spanish American War.   Project


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    ATB - What is the official language of the United States?   President Video/Packet


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    ATB- Name a freedom you are guaranteed in the United States.   Notes on 1920's problems


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    u .s. history ii e-mail - atomsho@monroecti.org

    united states history ii, examines the history of the united states from 1865 to 1960.  students will analyze the different experiences of america's ethically, racially and economically diverse population. the content that is covered in this course includes industrialization, the growth of business and modern america, the great depression, the world wars, and the cold war.


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    world war i warfare   wwi warfare trench warfare long series of ditches were used by both sides no man’s land             the open space between opposing trenches trench warfare led to desperate tactics such as; tunneling under no man’s land, torpedoing ships, and creating blockades that led to starvation weapons of wwi ·         the machine gun ·         the flame thrower ·         poison gas ·         mines ·         tanks ·         airplanes ·         submarines ·         grenades the united states at the start of the war the united states practiced isolationism. despite pressure from both sides the united states remained neutral until… the lusitania british passenger ship sunk by a german submarine or u-boat  (may 7, 1915) 128 americans were killed in this attack president wilson demanded that germany stop submarine attacks germany agreed to stop attacking passenger ships without warning on january 31, 1917 germany resumed submarine warfare the zimmerman telegram germany tried to persuade mexico to attack the united states germany promised mexico american land if they attacked the united states the united states enters the war congress officially declares war april 1917


  • U.S. History II Assignments U.S. History II Assignments

    Discuss how music influences society in the United States.  What kind of music do you listen to?  What kind of impact does this music have on you and the rest of the United States.
    Essay should be five paragraphs in length.


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      the goal of interact is to encourage and foster the advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of youth united in the ideal of service. interact clubs organize a variety of projects and activities that depend primarily on the intere sts of club members. within the interact program, all clubs work to enhance leadership skills, serve their community, and expand international understanding. together, these efforts ensure a balanced club program and provide important experience and opportunities for each interactor members personal development. click on the link below to visit the mcti interact club:   https://sites.google.com/a/monroecti.org/mr-yarnall-civics-class/interact-club


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      attention technical seniors & juniors are you planning on applying/attending a 4-year college or university? register for the 2014-2015 sat http://sat.collegeboard.org/register if you are applying to and planning to attend a 4-year college or university after completing your education at mcti, you will more likely need to take the sat scholastic aptitude test. there are multiple test dates and you will need to register and pay for these required tests. “fee waivers” are available by your sending school guidance department, but you must supply all your financials and family size to be eligible. taking your sat's gives you more benefits than ever before!! your test results go directly to colleges pre-qualifying many students for scholarships & grants.   2013-2014 test dates available sat registration   $52.50 basic subj.testfee: $26.00          (per registration) lang.w/listentest: $26.00          (per test) all othr.subj.tests: $16.00 registration deadline (postmark/submit by) late submission deadline add $27.50         october 11,   2014 sat & subject tests september 12, 2014 sept. 26th november 8,   2014       sat & subject tests october 9, 2014 oct. 24th december 6, 2014 sat & subject tests november 6, 2014 nov. 21st january 24, 2015 sat & subject tests december 29, 2014 jan. 9th march 14, 2015 sat test only february 13, 2015 feb. 27th may 2, 2015 sat & subject tests april 6, 2015 april 17th june 6, 2015 sat & subject tests may 8, 2015 may 22nd   the sat registration process has changed…..


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      what an exciting time to be investigating career choices . certainly, times continue to change and it is important to be prepared for the workplace of the future.   we no longer can be content with single skills or be limited to a local geographic area.   employers are emphasizing the need for cross training and as the united states moves forward into the global marketplace: employees must be ready to enter the global arena as well.   selecting a career path is, of tremendous importance to every student. there are many job titles in the  machining field. this program has been designed to give student both practical skills and related theory in machine tool operation, mechanical drafting, and along with the technical mathematics, science and communication skills essential to a career in precision machining.   this program opens doors for future educational opportunities as well as employment possibilities.   student selection for the program takes place from the monroe county school districts.   the program is based at monroe  c areer & technical institute  because it has state of the art specialized equipment necessary to safely train students .     not only do students have the opportunity to learn about careers and career skills associated with the precision machining  program, but students may also earn industry credentials from nims. students who quilify may participate in cooperative education, a work based program.   co-op is an industry-based partnership, which allows students to earn while they learn.   so often, people go through life without a plan precision machining can be the start of a student’s “plan” to succeed.   at the conclusion of the program, students may choose to work in one of many machine technology related field careers or they may choose to continue their education.   clearly, the benefits of the precision machining program merit c


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    mr. courtright hello, my name is mr. courtright and i am the instructor of the criminal justice program. i graduated from east stroudsburg high school in 1983.  i enlisted in the united states air force in 1986 as a law enforcement specialist.  during my enlistment, i had the opportunity of being stationed at warner robins a.f.b. in macon, georgia and at kwang ju air base in south korea.  among the duties of protecting military resources, i was selected to participate in the annual peacekeeper challenge competition which requires you to compete among your peers to represent the security police squadron you are assigned to. in 1996, i was hired as a police officer with the borough of east stroudsburg and merged with the new stroud regional police department in 2000.  during my tenure, i achieved the position of detective where i conducted criminal investigations and specialized in forensic evidence and fire investigations. my hobbies include riding my 2012 harley davidson ultra class, fly-fishing, golf, and making delicious smoked jerky and ring bologna;  a tradition handed down by my father and grandfather. 250


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    Corrections Chapter 16 Study Guide

    ·        The Latin term for the State acting as a guardian to a minor is parens patriae.

    ·        A reform school is a penal institution where young or first time offenders are committed for training and reformation.

    ·        The nations first state sponsored reform school opened in Massachusetts.



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    The Science of Ridges

    Name ____________________________

    1. ___________________ is the study of the uniqueness of friction ridge structures and their use for personal


    2. As we have learned in our first lesson, a fingerprint is made of a series of

    ________________ and ________________

    on the surface of the finger. The uniqueness of a fingerprint can be determined by the

    ________________ of ridges and

    valleys as well as the

    ________________ points, which are points where the ridge structure changes.

    3. When minutiae on two different prints match, these are called points of

    ______________________ or points of


    . At this point there is


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    Thanksgiving day menu.



    important dates 2015     march 2015 march 12 (thursday) retired teachers march 19 (thursday)hosting the 2015 fccla competition march 23 (monday) nocti practical march 27 (friday) guidance counselors luncheon march 30  (monday) top chef (melissa corrao ross manigo) march 31 (tuesday)  visit from mark gibson (chili's sponsor) march 31 (tuesday) chef power hour april 2015 april 7 (tuesday) prostart testing level 1 april 8 (wednesday) prostart testing level 2 april 9 (thursday) retired teachers luncheon april 10 (friday) retired workers 25ppl april 13 (monday) fedex hafler party of april 13 (monday) yearbook deadline april 14 (tuesday) neil gow molecular gastronomy april 16 (thursday) st. paul senior group april 17-21, 2015 disneyland® hotel anaheim, california     may 2015 may 5 (tuesday) serv-safe test   may 28 (thursday) senior awards night   old dates october 2014 october 27 th , hands-on experience with spices that proved taste and smell are entwined. this lesson, as well as the rest, are linked to science, history and culinary. october 28 th - taste black sea salt, fleur de sel salt and truffle salt. these spices are very expensive in the united states. the students were able to educate their palette with spices they might not be able to afford here in the united states october 29 th -identify aromas that i purchased for them in paris, france. through this lesson the students now understand that aromas are fat soluble and that they can escape into the air if not cooked properly. they understand that steam can carry the aromas out of your food and into the air. october 31 st - skyping with sivan asalem an israeli chef that i met at the hautes études du goût school. he owns two restaurants in israel, one of which is kosher and the other a french bistro. he will do a llive cooking demonstration in


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      internet resources     http://www.starchefs.com/community/html/associations.shtml   advance tabco ® advance tabco ®   manufactures a full line of stainless steel items for commercial markets. site includes specification sheets and drawings of many products, an image gallery, press releases, information on food safety, and product installation guides. www.advancetabco.com american culinary federation the american culinary federation is a professional organization of chefs and cooks that focuses on culinary education. site includes job postings, recipes, sustainability information, membership information, and links to educational resources and institutions. www.acfchefs.org american institute of baking (aib) international   the american institute of baking (aib) international serves many segments of the food processing, distribution, food service, and retail industries worldwide. site includes online courses, audit services, research and technical services, and information on careers in the food industry. www.aibonline.org american lamb board the american lamb board researches and promotes the lamb industry in america. site includes lamb facts and information, recipes, videos, and fabrication guides. www.americanlamb.com alaska seafood marketing institute the alaska seafood marketing institute (asmi) is a cooperative partnership between the alaska seafood industry and state government to advance a stable seafood industry in alaska. site includes recipes, health and nutrition information, and retail information. www.alaskaseafood.org all-clad metalcrafters llc all-clad metalcrafters produces a complete line of bonded cookware and specialty items. site includes product listings and descriptions, recipes, consumer information, and links to select culinary sites. www.all-clad.com alpha baking co., inc. alpha baking company is a specialty bakery that


  • Exciting links to the world of Trucking, Construction Equipment, and Farm Equipment Exciting links to the world of Trucking, Construction Equipment, and Farm Equipment

    http://www.cvsa.org commercial vehicle safety alliance (cvsa) cvsa is an international not-for-profit organization comprised of local, state, provincial, territorial, and federal motor carrier safety officials and industry representatives from the united states, canada, and mexico.


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    electronics technology                                                   chris w. roberto summary a teaching professional with extensive experience gaining the trust and confidence of students and parents. core qualifications excellent classroom management                                    differentiated instruction experience working special needs students                    mastery of the electronics industry effectively work with parents                                         positive atmosphere promotion motivating students                                                         learning style assessment achievements      dual - enrollment program    partnered with penn college of technology to provide students with opportunity to achieve    college credit while completing high school requirements.    industry certification    implemented nationally recognized industry certification through eta (electronics technician    association) . professional experience    monroe career and technical institute                                                                          october 2001 to present electronics instructor                                                                                                       bartonsville, pa    prepared students for college level programs in the field of electronics technology.    instituted a dual-enrollment curriculum providing the students with up to 12 college credits upon    high school graduation. johnson college                                                                                            september 1999 to october 2001    department chairman for biomedical equipment & electronics programs    scranton, pa    admi


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    bartonsville printing mike pugliesi   progressive labels bert walck/gary adams   action printing vince fattorusso   united envelope vicki herman   kdesigns & photography kristen ortiz   graphic designer ariella titcomb          


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    power equipment technology instructor information page. name: kenneth hart email address: khart@monroe cti.org phone number: (570)629-2001 ex 2750 industry certifications: briggs and stratton master service technician briggs and stratton master instructor eetc certified master technician kohler engines certified technician stihl bronze technician class a heavy equipment technician class a heavy truck technician pennsylvania department of education vocational 1 instructional certification education:   pocono mountain high school graduate united states marine corps organizational automotive technicians course graduate united states marine corps logistical vehicle systems course graduate northampton community college, associate in arts (education) degree temple university, currently enrolled in the career and technical education baccalaureate program. quick links mike rowe addresses dirty.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nwefvub-u0&feature=plcp mcti bobcat.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xnl9wfpoza&feature=plcp the ruler game.  http://www.rickyspears.com/rulergame/   the power portal login (for registered students)  http://www.thepowerportal.com/login.htm   insert your photo here.


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    small engines chapter 2 study guide small_gas_engines_chapter_2_study_guide.htm 79.03 kb filetype-misc.png 11/13/2013 11:36:39 am


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    small engines chapter 7 study guide small_engines_chapter_7_study_guide.htm 111.22 kb filetype-misc.png 2/10/2014 12:18:49 pm