• Diversified Occupations
    32.0105  JOB-SEEKING/CHANGING SKILLS (Diversified Occupations)



    The Diversified Occupations Program (DO) is a one-year instructional program for seniors that operates as an integral part of vocational education to provide a cooperative arrangement between the school and employers whereby the student receives general education instruction in the school and on-the-job training through part-time employment in business/industry.  The area of training may be in any vocational education area where there are needs for trained persons and must relate to the student’s career objective.


    The DO Program is a partnership between MCTI, the sending district, the student and the student’s parents, and the employer.  This training program is designed to help the student to transition from school to the world of work while gaining valuable life and work experience.  Students are responsible for finding part-time employment with a local employer which is directly related to the career field they wish to pursue after graduating from high school.  This Program is conducted at the student’s district high school campus.


    Specialized Equipment:


    Related Occupations /Employment Opportunities:

    Personal Qualifications:


    Equipment will be specific to the industry and work place

    Vary by career pathway

    Dependent upon the specific career and work place


    CAREERS: Career opportunities will be determined upon receiving employment in a specific industry.


    Certification available to qualified students:

    Industry Certification

    Provider Name


    Texas Engineering Extension Service