• 2019-2020 Official DECA Theme: “#Here We Go!”


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     All members (and parents) are encouraged to sign up for weekly DECA, Inc. updates at:


    (registration is usually in the lower right hand corner of the opening page)


    DECA Inc and numerous related entities maintain a VERY active presence on Social Media, and those sites come alive at many of the conferences as the students use Social Media outlets to network and learn of conference updates.


    Check out and follow DECA on: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.


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    Hundreds of YouTube videos (informational/tutorial/formal and informal) have been posted by

    DECA, Inc, individual member states/countries, advisors and members.

    Don’t isolate any searches to just Pennsylvania DECA as other states and countries have posted some very useful videos. Consider “subscribing” to the PA DECA and DECA Inc. (https://www.youtube.com/user/decainc) pages to see the latest.


    (Just be aware that the search for DECA may also bring up other results beyond our career and technical student organization, so you will want to filter others results out. Additionally, most of the videos reference DECA Meetings being held at the end of the school day – we do our chapter meetings right in class!)


    2019-20 DECA Membership Video



    Re-cap of 2019 PA DECA State Conference Video



    2020 Promo Video for International Career Development Conference (ICDC)



     For informational use only – how to continue in DECA beyond high school: