SIMSPRAY is a virtual reality training system that enables organizations to increase theeffectiveness of their spray painting and coating education programs, improveeco-friendliness and reduce costs.


     •3D realism,immersion with physical tools

      •Requiredpreparation settings and selections

     •Real time visualcues for students

     •Real time evaluationtools and views for instructors

     •Ability to changepainting parameters, work pieces, and environments

     •No materialsconsumed during painting exercises

     •No hazardous VOCemissions

     •Provides studentswith a lifelike experience in which they see the realistic details of a paintbooth or other   
        environment and use a physical paint gun

     •Enables hands-onpractice in commonly used training and coating methods.

     •Includescomprehensive exercises which replicate the steps a student must take prior topainting

     •Presents studentswith immediate coaching to change their spray gun positioning and speed for theideal paint 
       coverage and quality

     •Delivers objectiveperformance feedback to assess students' progress, strengths, and areas forimprovement

     •Incorporates easilyinto an existing curriculum by matching the hands-on exercises of an existingtraining program

     •Decreases expensesassociated with training supplies (e.g. paint, thinner, work-pieces, airfilters, cleaning fluids)

     •Increases theeco-friendliness of traditional spray paint training programs

     •Allows for basicspray paint training without a paint booth.

    •Measures time spent painting, amount of paint applied andwasted, and VOC emissions to calculate SimSpray's
       return on investment
Last Modified on April 12, 2013