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     Constellation Story
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    Friendship Meter
    Scientific Book Reviews
    Divergent Circus
    Old Man Maze Runner
    Hunger Games Percy
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    Outsiders Plane

    Hatchet Time Machine
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    Research Papers - STEM and CTE
    Extracting DNA for Halloween
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    Physical Science Students made models (some spatial and some physical) of atoms related to their program areas...
    Model 1 Model 2 Model 4 Model 5
    Model A Model b
    Model 3  Model 7 Model 8 Model 9
    Meanwhile, students in Earth Science made spatial models of the solar system.
    Solar System Model
    After completing a lab on rock density, students demonstrated their ability to apply math and data analysis to a scientific problem.
    Crust 1 Crust 2
    Students in Earth Science added leaves to the Branches of Earth Science.  Unfortuanately the tape was less than sticky and Fall came early to MCTI
     tree tree
    We also played Earth System Jenga to represent how all the spheres of the Earth are connected and what happens when disturbances ot the Earth are allowed to continue.  Students are very impressive Jenga players.
    Students in both Eath and Physical science classes showed off their knowledge of science by creating posters of science process skills.
    skills skills skills
    skills skills
    Playing with Weathering and Erosion
    After learning about weathering and erosion, students read and performed a play about the Dust Bowl and wrote and performed their own puppet shows about erosion.
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    Some Windmills
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    Friendship Meter
    DNA (project associated with book report)
    Robot Animal
    Robot Animal (Book Report Project)
    Robot Man
    Robot Man (Book Report Project)
    Snowflake Periodical Table of the Elements
    Erosion Puppet Show
    Erosion Puppet Show
    Erosion Puppet Show
    Erosion Puppet Show
    Webbing the Forms of Energy
    Energy Web
    Energy WEb
    Energy WEb
    Energy WEb
    Energy WEb
    Energy WEb
    STEM Investigations
    Hair Color
    Bleached Hair
    Deer Behavior
     Singing About Plate Tectonics
    Song 1
    Song 2
    Song 3
    Recycled Windmills
     Windmill 1
    windmill 2
    windmill 3
    Lab:  Thermal Energy: How do the insulation properties of materials compare?
    Using the results of your lab, finish the Story of the Six Little Pigs and the Big Bad Winter Wolf, incorporating the results of your experiment:
    Once upon a time there were six little pigs.  These six pigs decided to build themselves homes to protect them from the Big Bad Winter Wolf.  But they could not agree on what material to insulate their homes with.  So they started arguing...
    The six little pigs had an argument over whose insulation was the best.
    "Mine's the best," boasted the Brick pig, who was reknowned throughout the land to have ended the Big Bad Wolf.
    "No, mine is!" squealed the Fiberglass pig.
    "Popcorn!" said the popcorn pig.  Everyone stared at the popcorn pig.  He wasn't very bright.
    The group decided to make a bet.  They were to go to Snow Cap Mountain and build their houses there.  They were to sleep in their huts in the night and wait for the Big Bad Winter Wolf, Big Bad Wolf's cousin.
    So they all went, six and all.  When they got there, they instantly made fiberglass, feather, soil, brick, popcorn, and sawdust houses.  Anything was possible since Minecraft came out.
    So they all waited. It had not been an hour until the Big Bad Winter Wolf came by and, amused, asked why they were here.
    The pigs explain, and the Wolf agreed to help.  So he got to a ledge and with his great lungs, blew freezing air toward the pigs.
    Throughout the night the Wolf blew.  One by one the pigs could no longer stand the cold and flew to a neighbor's house.
    First it was the Popcorn Pig.  Then the Soil Pig.  Then even the Brick Pig could not stand it.  Then, lastly, was the Sawdust Pig.
    Fiberglass Pig barely made it, but Feather Pig was still warm and cuddly.  So the six of them thanked the wolf.  Now it was noon, and they knew who was the winner.  The Big Bad Winter Wolf amnd the Six Little Pigs then proceeded to eat the Popcorn Pig's house and they all hung out at Feather Pig's house and made a nice hut for the Big Bad Winter Wolf.  The hut was mostly made of feathers with fiberglass mixed in.  The Wolf thanked the pigs and the pigs and wolf went home.
    The End