This Week in Environmental Biology

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    February 25 - March 1. 2019

    This is the final week to work on the video projects and do labs.  Projects are due to me on Tuesday. Students will present their videos to the class on Wednesday, and submissions to the contest are due on Thursday.  We will then be taking a quiz on population ecology on Friday.


    February 18 - February 22, 2019

    This week we will be continuing to learn about population ecology through notes and working on the student video projects.


    February 11 - February 15, 2019

    This week we are beginning a unit on population growth and population ecology.  While there will be a quiz at the end of the unit, the summative project is a video that can be submitted to the World of 7 Billion Student Video Contest.  This week we will introduce population growth through a webquest, introduce the video project and alternatives for students that do not wish to participate, and begin learning about population ecology through a lab activity and some videos.





    October 29 - November 2, 2018

    This week we will be doing a little bit of introductory genetics.  Monday and Tuesday will introduce students to Mendellian Genetics and patterns of heredity.  Wednesday we will do a DNA lab.  Thursday will be notes about DNA.  Friday is a quiz on last weeks material (pH and properties of water) and wrapping up DNA.

    October 8 - October 12, 2018

    This week we will be talking about the cell.  Monday students have off for Columbus Day.  Tuesday and Wednesday will be an activity comparing different cell types - specifically prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells and plant and animal cells.  Thursday and Friday students will learn about the structure of the cell and relate the cell to their shop.

    October 1 - October 5, 2018

    This week we are going to focus on the microscope.  Monday we will have time to work on the Nature and Art Essay or Video.  Tuesday we will be lecturing about the microscope.  Wednesday we are going outside to collect specimens.  Thursday and Friday will be spent looking at things under the microscope.

    September 24 - September 28, 2018

    The week will begin with Classroom Diagnostic Testing (CDT), a program that tracks student improvement in science throughout the year.  Students will also have the opportunity to do some makeup work - progress reports go out on Thursday!!  Later in the week we will be workining on the Art and Nature essay and video contests.

    September 17 - September 21, 2018

    This week is a mixture of review, assessment, and fun.  On Monday we will do a review sheet for what we have covered in the past few weeks.  On Tuesday we will play a review game and go over our review sheet.  On Wednesday we will explore something fun - art inspired by nature.  Thursday will be quiz day and Friday we will do an art project based on biology.  Next week students will be working on either essays or posters for a competition and this year's theme is Finding Art in Earth. 

    I will also mention that students will be doing their CDT's (practice keystone tests) in Math class on Monday and Tuesday and in English on Thursday and Friday.  The Biology CDTs will be early next week.

    September 10 - September 14, 2018

    This week we will be completing  number of labs and activities that reinforce the notes from last week.  These activities include:

    September 3 - September 7, 2018

    This week we will be taking notes about the the definitions of science and biology and the unifying themes of science.  A number of small activities will be mixed in with the notes.

    Study Guide

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    August 27 - August 31, 2018

    Welcome to MCTI's 9th Grade program.  This will be a great year and I hope you all enjoy Environmental Biology.  I have four goals for the class.  By the end of the year, I would like you to believe the four following statements:

    1.  Science is NOT scary.

    2.  Science can be done by ANYONE.

    3.  Science is not this mysterious subject that only geniuses can do.

    4.  You will look forward to taking more science classes in the future.

    This week will be a lot of introductory, paperwork, getting to know you, getting you organized stuff.  But have no fear.... we will do some science this week to get you warmed up for a good start next week.  While I'm not sure exactly when we will do these things, I will....

    1.  Give you an overview of the class and what we'll be doing

    2.  Assign some long-term individual projects

    3.  Assign some long-term class projects (different classes will be doing different things)

    4.  Take a walk outside to see what the property offers and complete a lab on forestry, data collection, and the proces of science